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Where Do I and You Begin
by jake cosmos aller

I woke up one day and realized 
I no longer knew 
where you and I began 

and where you and I ended
we had become almost one

We talked in half sentences 
Knowing what the other wanted 
and knowing how it would end

We ate the same foods with some resistance
because I still crave an old-fashioned American meal
but still, we were becoming more and more the same

and I feared losing myself 
In your embrace 
and becoming you
and you becoming me 

and this fear of losing me 
in the ocean of us 
overwhelms me at times

but I know I will always
Return to your arms

because I cannot live
A moment without you at my side

and I know you are the same
we feel each other's inner pain
we feel each other's outer pain

and our history has merged 
into one

and is that not the secret 
of a long marriage?

Have I figured it all out 
in the end, does it come to this
a merging of two souls and two bodies?

I don't have the answers 
But I don't have any more doubts
or regrets with the path I have taken

I still look forward
to waking up each morning

Seeing you there 
and knowing that every day
we have together 
is a gift that I will cherish

Until my dying breath
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Poem ID: 89477   Poem Posted: 10/17/2017
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