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Do You Really Like It?
by Robin  Carretti

What do we really like - well let's think?
 We can jot our thoughts finely pointed Ink.
Such curiosity Love more to think
 I am feeling a bite Apple computer link
 clicking everything in seconds to blink

We peck nest-full of Robin birds
 What we like to be loved again
 the finer gifts of needs remain
You got your taste of mink 
 Her soft skin strawberry and wine
 he feeds
How you love her completely but who wins?
So stirring eyes of wine he grins
Like two drinkers wink all mine
Are our hearts racing your car hums? 

Do you really like it her heart flowers?

 Your feeling her vibration
She leads you on her mission

The flight of noises high latitudes.
 He Fill's your heart just one breath
Like a Holiday bells tingling

Looking at your watch a love you
 almost knew
How many other hearts to be viewed?
 Wearing the crown you asked him
 Does he like it? Your home missed
 Some rules of "Royalty

Your heart holds purity
 But love can be a "Castle of Chaos" 
How he placed his finger's near her heart
 to remind her she's his treasure
How much he loves her busy world
No time for leisure

Is it so important how things matter
 You look up your husband surprises you.
Your petite hands he hold's you 
 Your cheek bloomed into the rose
Self-reliance the Statue of Liberty
        "Allegiance" A Pose
When your accustomed to someone
Being accustomed to her face as one

The wedding her gown Vows Up
Everything you cheer thumbs up. 
We work hard our hands going way up
Not ever giving up.  Your brothers and
 Army metals proud fathers

 Seeing a side of beauty in our mothers 
 Do we like more Ultimatums?  Not really
Picking yourself up against red leaves 
 They were once so Autumny.
"LOVE IS AWESOME" he took her hand to rekindle
 the flame and said
Do you really like me? she said, "I love you forever"
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Poem ID: 89488   Poem Posted: 11/8/2017
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