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To Kim (K.E.R)
by Enhao  ?

Standing still, I watch
As blurry and meaningless
Backs and faces
Flow by my side
Across the hall.
Time is slower, 
When you walk.

With each blink I am closer to lost;
Every look at you is
Weakening my soul.
Your back is like a wafting violin that
Plays in the old town,
With spring raindrops falling down.

Time stops as ocean waves sway
Like your hair
And colors drop as the stars twinkle
Like your eyes that are
Causing my heartthrobs.

There rings the bell 
Without a doubt.
You turn back to your isle
So fast, without a trail...
Leaving me here with my fairy tale.

I fear to look at you.
I fear like a child lost in the woods.
I see the way to find you 
But I just can't reach for it-
Coward you may call me.

From time to time
I've waited,
From time to time
I've believed
The lies
Of my own tale.
I got trapped here 
By my own fear
Fooling you
With my mask
For no better reason
Than... too shy to try.

Hands move on the clock,
I pick my card
For nothing but a chance...
Like flowing water
That won't return
Faces color the illusions
of my heart.

Peace on the block...
Moonlight cuts the dark.
I breath the loneness, 
Touch the sadness-
As always.

Here I lean next to the old tree
With a wind 
That fondles my heartstrings.
Unlike you, the queen, 
I am no king of spades
Only a 7 of hearts
And here I whisper 
My poem under the cold moon
For a dream I wish for- but yet to come true.

If I could I would be your shadow
Following unnoticed, 
Watching in slience.
I don't mind being stepped on-
No future nor past
Only the present, timeless present... with you.

I will lay by your side watching you sleep 
When the sun sets.
I will sit back to back with you, unsensible, 
When you are alone.
I will sprint with you by the morning sun.
I will always be next to you
Like a shadow
If- just If I could...

Secret admirer of Kimberley E.R.
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Poem ID: 84455   Poem Posted: 10/18/2006
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Copyright , 2006, Enhao ?  all rights reserved by the author.
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