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by Len  Kelly

You ask me if I love you
And I know not
For love has different meanings
At different times,  for different folk.
We speak of love in many ways,
Sometimes serious,  often trivial,
Even as a joke.

So what is it that I know?

That when I gaze upon your face
I feel my heart race,
And always shall.

Is this not love?

That when you touch my skin
You touch me deeply, even to my soul.

Is this not love?

That when we make love
I enter other worlds
No other experience
Can produce,
Nor drugs induce.

Is this not love?

That I will hold you dear,
Hold you close,
Always be near
Though you be far.

Is this not love?

That I shall value you,
Respect you, even when
You do not respect or value
Yourself, or me; 
That I shall care for you,
Even when you no longer care;
That I shall strenghthen myself
So we can be strenghtened;
And that no matter how close
We may be, I shall regard
You as separate and free.

Is this not love?

That I will hold your hand,
Through all eternity,
Through all adversity,
Share your journey through life,
Share your joy, your pain, your strife,
Take all you have to offer,
Give all I have to give;
Be here always, in all ways,
Allow you to know me 
As I know myself, and more.
Bare every part of me,
Open every door.

Is this not love?

If these things be not love
Then I love you not;
And I have loved no other
Except as sister or brother,
Father or mother
And if these things are love
Then I know you love me, too,
As I love you,
And that what love is
Is not what we say
But what we do.
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Poem ID: 84617   Poem Posted: 11/3/2006
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