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by   The monochrome girl

As the descending waves of rain poured down,
Dark clouds filled the sky,
All I could hear was the rain,
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter

A feeling of gloom took over me as I watched out my window,
The world darkening before me,
The life being drained out of me,
Everything shutting down

A quiet ringing sound arose in my ears 
And soon it was all I could hear,
I couldn't see anything around me- only darkness,
As if someone had covered my eyes

I felt nothing,
As if I wasn't even me anymore,
As if I was no longer able to feel anything,
My whole world crumbling beneath my feet 

Then, at the last moment, as I was almost completely gone, 
He brought me to safety,
 He made the dark clouds and the rain go away,
  He brought life back into me,
   He made my world light up again...

I never saw those gloomy clouds ever again,
Only the sun's light shining in my windows,
He had given me a life I had never imagined,
He had saved me.
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Poem ID: 89533   Poem Posted: 2/20/2018
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