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You were here all along
Looking at me while I searched for wrong
You loved me long ago
Knowing that I?d come to you, what we?d do
You were patient all the while
Waiting and watching, mile after mile

I was waiting for you to come
Not knowing it was you who?d be my fam?
I looked in all the wrong places
When I finally saw you out of all the faces
I said 'yes' and I know now it?s always been you
Who's meant for me, you?ll always be my boo

We started and we?re ever going
To take what?s ours as God keeps us moving
We're now discovering who we are
Together as one, individually at par
We pray and hope to God for a blessed future
To experience, enjoy what?s to come in picture

Your nature I?ve come to love
That is strong and steadfast amidst all
Your heart that?s open to all
Ever ready to listen and understand
Your mind, silent yet busy
One that I?ll always try to keep up with

My loud silence- always active
Always to you I?ll pour it out
My positive positivity in abundance
Will always turn whatever is from you to good
My self-consciousness and doubt
That to you is strength that shines like the sun

Our dreams and goals we pray come true
We?ll push each other to achieve them
Our love that?ll be new every morning
We pray it grows deeper and stronger each day
Our everything we place in God?s hands
That He?ll nourish, lead us and we?ll triumph in Him
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Poem ID: 89554   Poem Posted: 3/16/2018
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