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by Corie Brianne Ingram

You're as brainwashed
As you think me corrupt.
Obey your mother. 
Pray to her god.

Never question what the big book says.
All sexual thoughts- sick and wrong.
Even fantasies with your own hand,
Lead you to the devil's land.

Love no one- except the one you'll wed. 
In a big white temple,
Only members can attend-
Reciting vows written by the dead.

Wear your sacred garments.
Pass pamphlets to lost, wandering souls.
Everyone should know,
Plus Joe Smith ordered you to do so.

Bear babies- as many as you can.
Teach them the politics, the hierarchy,
The masculine superiority
That God wants them to know.

Be accepted into celestial eternity,
As relief lifts from your head.
You look out from the clouds.
Flowers, Rivers, Trees.
People: Atheist, Muslim, Jew.
Everyone God made...

Unique, equal, beautiful.
Even in their own ceremonies.
But you took no time to see.
You'd never met a girl like me.

That glance I gave you, 
All the while accepting your beliefs,
Made you shiver with delight.
Then sick with fear.

Isn't this what you were taught is wrong?
But you're too scared to question why.
You cowered out.
Daddy said not to hold my hand.

Even though you'd felt that way before.
Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.
I saw the way you looked at me.
But unfortunately.

Religion came before me.
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