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Unchained Melody
by Tonese Rene Reed

Growing up is difficult
Since it requires change.
I?m afraid of change, it seems.
Nothing stays the same.
When my time comes
Will I be ready to go?
I?m not so sure
I really don?t know.

I see the immature children-
All they do is play around.
I want to tell them to grow up
But I never make a sound.
I?m living in this nightmare-
This crazy life of mine.
I?m trying to get out
Slipping, like the sands of time.

I can?t take this pressure
I can?t take this mess.
Everyone around me 
Is putting me through stress.
I don?t want to have fun,
I?m happy being me.
You can say what you want
But I prefer you let me be.

Why must you mock me?
Life to you is a joke.
I?ll keep everything inside
I?ll disappear with smoke.
Would it make you happy
If I didn?t exist today?
I don?t even care anymore-
One day I?ll go away.

I don?t know why you bring me
All of my misery.
Why are you so blind?
My heart- you?ll never see.
You look at me with evil eyes.
I see your soul is gone.
I see you have the darkest heart...
I?ve seen it all along.

You can say what you want
And do what you do
But pretty soon you will see
Other people will see you too.
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Poem ID: 64206   Poem Posted: 4/19/2018
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Copyright , 1998, Tonese Rene Reed  all rights reserved by the author.
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