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You Are:
by Alexander Luigi Torlini

You are the sun on my darkest of days
The feeling that sparks the harpies to play 
The movement, enchantment in dancers that sway
The power which causes the faithful to pray

You are a rose that blossoms in May
The joy in the laughter of a child at play
The bond in a daughter a mother just lay
The feeling in George when a dragon he slays

You are the fruit in an orchid in bloom
The howl of the wolf beneath a full moon
The sky at night where dawn will come soon
A face you know well in the most crowded of rooms

You are ones bed, sheets that are new
A man at the alter who is saying I do
A mother?s tear when a son she does gain
A balm or an ointment that will ease the pain

You are the desert with the coming of rain
The sunflowers of Van Gogh all mounted and framed
A pardon that?s given to an innocent blamed
The enchantment in a moth that flies to the flame

You are the blue seas where the dolphins do swim
The voice of the nightingale when she does sing
The air that gives flight beneath an eagle?s wing
The destruction of tyranny beneath a just king 

You are my north, south, east and west
My very last thought when my head I do rest
The roar at the stadium when a goal's struck best
My heart you have taken, I'd give you no less
The day that I met you, I knew I was blessed.
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