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Repent Him
by Holly  Bench

I found redemption in a figure of light
Forgive the one who had sinned
Even though I am not so innocent 
Let the wrath from the seas break wind

I found the one I was looking for
Who I desperately clung onto for dear life
When I was with him- it made me feel wanted more
The happiness he brought made me sing like bird-life

I saw the way he looked through my soul
It felt real and everlasting
He swallowed me up into a blackhole
Like the sky was collapsing 

I could taste the dishonesty on his lips
I thought I had waited for him all my life
The way he planned it out so cleverly 
Until my knowledge exceeded that of his wife

Simultaneously, I am ushered to a forbidden world
Unlike the one where man and I had met
Of the darkness of whiskey and spiced rum
Not even a drop could make me forget

Intoxicated, I hear deep voices like his
Which are hard to differentiate 
In a man?s world it?s apparently okay
To apologize when it?s too late
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Poem ID: 89622   Poem Posted: 8/17/2018
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Copyright , 2018, Holly Bench  all rights reserved by the author.
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