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all i ever want to tell you
by doctor rodriguez Macuacua

Shhhh, listen  can you hear it?
I can.

It is the sound of silence hovering through the curious minds.  
Yes!  A mind that is anxious about nothing 
Yet, still pose a fascinated face 
Hoping to hear more about... nothing. 

Let me, tell you nothing so you can gladly know nothing.
I know nothing , yes you heard me, nothing.
Nothing i say, but enough to keep you listening to nothing 
And let me not rot my sorrow of nothing 
As i drown in the knowledge of selfishness

Blood dipping around... nothing, 
Over the fights we had about... nothing.
I can remember with the very own future i don't have.

i still hold my palm tight in my hands to feel nothing 
And i still love the feeling i get 
When i have nothing to look forward to every morning.
Pause, stop, listen... It's nothing still, yes. nothing 
The very same nothing that reminds me of... nothing

But of course i have a dream, a dream about something 
That someday, something shall come out of nothing. 
I dream everyday, every night and every time without being asleep 
About nothing - which means everything to me. 

Can you see it now? i can. 
All that is within the vivid imagination of my dream 
About nothing, to rescue my nothingness
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Poem ID: 88968   Poem Posted: 3/8/2016
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Copyright , march 8, doctor rodriguez macuacua  all rights reserved by the author.
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