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Soulmates Reincarnated    The Power of Love   
By: Linda Denise Pate-Doswell    
"Like carmel on an apple,
cider mixed with spice, ..."
Original    Love Remembered   
By: Ekow Amissah    
"There was a mountain
In days past that boiled, and heaved, and made the days shake ..."
Hard to cope without you, Jeramie    Love and Parting   
By: Christian Andrew Thames    
"Beautiful kisses, I'll always remember;
A heart so soft, I'll never forget; ..."
The Chat    Love Past   
By: Ali Stone    
"Words, perfect words so sweet at first.
Like a ripe cherry, when bit, would burst. ..."
The Morning Light    New Love   
By: Charlotte Mae Fitzgerald    
"The morning light
crawls across my face, ..."
With Want of Lightning    Love Described   
By: Eurlantae    
"Like a storm with want of lightning
I waited quietly for you... ..."
When I Find You    Seeking Love   
By: Ekow Amissah    
"When I find you, we shall dance
When I find you, we will swoon under the fast changing lights, ..."
A Decade After Bournemouth    Love And Marriage   
By: EKow Amissah    
"Ten years of oooooos
Ten years of ahhhhhs ..."
Old Neighbour    Love And Marriage   
By: EKow Amissah    
"What splendid hope, Old Neighbour
Some joy and hope, some pain and woe ..."
The Lake and Her    Enduring Love   
By: Alan L Balter    
"The lake, at once blue and clear
rolls ashore in liquid whispers ..."
Olami    For That Special Someone   
By: Olufisayo Olalekan Olaobaju    
"Olami, she gently calls.
My name, she gently breathes. ..."
The Darkness    Love Apart   
By: Leona Amelia Losser    
"When I close my eyes I see you standing in the dark.
Slowly and still I carefully embark into the dark. ..."
Ethereal Love    none   
By: Linda Denise Pate-Doswell    
"Angels in heaven is what we were at first.
Apologies to you "Body"    Love Remembered   
By: L R M    
"My apologies in advance, "body" that you exist without a heart
Outside you appear complete but your heart was ripped apart. ..."
A tribute to your voice    For That Special Someone   
By: Sudesh Srivastava    
"Blue is the colour of your voice
Like a bright full-moon coming out ..."
The Elements Of A Solitary Man    Love Remembered   
By: Rory Williams    
"The cracks in the pavement interrupt each step,
While I balance on the precipice of a solid rock slept ..."
Repent Him    Love and Betrayal   
By: Holly Bench    
"I found redemption in a figure of light
Forgive the one who had sinned ..."
Joanne    Love Rekindled   
By: Carl Hall    
"Finding you i found my home
now I never need to feel alone ..."
Kristie?s poem    Enduring Love   
By: Adan J Martinez    
"I should?ve listened
I should?ve let go ..."
My Heart is in Your Hands    The Power of Love   
By: Jake cosmos aller    
"My love
My heart belongs to you ..."
Jars of Sunshine    New Love   
By: Charlotte Mae Fitzgerald    
""Let me in", the message read.
I've kept myself hidden ..."
You, Old Friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Ekow Amissah    
"You old friend
Here when I did not expect ..."
THE TALK    Love Rekindled   
"The sweet sound of the morning birds as they chirp
Reminds me of mornings ..."
In The Hug    Love Between Friends   
By: Ekow Amissah    
"I am still in that hug
Featherlike and yet it moved me to stay in its unscented fragrance ..."
Holding Fast I Love    The Trials of Love   
By: Lucia Roxannie Mejia    
"I love to rush home to you and take comfort in knowing you live there,
I love that you know how beautiful I was when I was young with my long hair, ..."

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