- Poems By Biana Yanovsky     -

A Game You Can't Win    Love and Betrayal
Aged Hand    Love and Family
Agonizing Truth    Love and Death
Amazed By You    Secret Love
An Angel On Earth    Love and Family
Bitter Past    Love and Hate
Bruised For Life    Love and Hate
Fourteen    Love and Death
Frequently Ends    Love and Doubt
I Cannot Protect Myself From THIS    Love and Doubt
I Have Been There For You    The Pains of Love
I'm Sorry    The Pains of Love
Immersed In Emotions    Suicide
Inopportune Farewell    The Pains of Love
No Matter What    For That Special Someone
No One Can Compare    Mothers Day Poems
Other Half Of Me    The Pains of Love
The Damages Of Love    The Pains of Love
The Penalty For Letting It Be Known    Love and Doubt
There Is No Such Thing As Perfection    Love and Betrayal
There Is Strenght In Weakness    Love and Family
Tuesday She Left    Love and Death
Two Paths-One Destination    Love Between Friends
Unanswered Question    Love and Doubt
Unhappily Ever After    Love and Family

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