- Poems By Alyssa Anne Vitry     -

A Broken Soul    Love and Fear
A Fall From Nature    The Pains of Love
A Place In Your Eyes    For That Special Someone
A SAFE THOUGHT    For That Special Someone
A Simple Dream    Love Rekindled
An Alphabetical Poem    About a Loved One
Angels & Devils, Too    The Power of Love
Bitter, I'm not    The Need to be Loved
Breathless    Love and Death
Brush Across My Skin    The Pains of Love
Burning Love    Love Described
Childhood Ties    The Need to be Loved
Coming Home    Valentine's Day Poems
Concerned    The Pains of Love
Confession    For That Special Someone
Confession: "Hey, you..."    Love Declared
Cry Me Beautiful    For That Special Someone
DARING SOUL    Love Declared
Did you know you are my everything?    For That Special Someone
Don't Cry For Me    Love and Death
DROP IT AS YOU PASS    Infatuation
Endless happy knowledge    Love Described
Evening's Song    Love Remembered
Evil Pain & Love    The Pains of Love
First Love (My dream come true)    For That Special Someone

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