- Poems By THIEF OF HEARTS     -

BELIEVE    The Power of Love
CAN WE?    Love and Forgiveness
CONFUSED    Love and Parting
CUPID'S LOVE    Valentine's Day Poems
DANCING HEARTS    Love and Parting
DECISIONS    Love and Parting
DIFFERENT    Love Declared
DO YOU REMEMBER    Love and Betrayal
DO YOU STILL?    Love Rekindled
EMPTY BED    The Pains of Love
GROWING OLD    Love And Marriage
HEARTFELT    Love Offered
ILLUSIONS OF LOVE    Love and Doubt
LET ME    Love Offered
LETTING GO    Love and Death
LINE OF FIRE    Love Past
LONELY    Suicide
LOST LOVE    Love and Betrayal
LOVE ME    For That Special Someone
MOVING ON    Love and Parting
NEEDING    Love Declared
SOME DAY    Love Fantasy
THE DANCE    Love Fantasy
THE DREAM    Love Declared
THREE WISHES    Love Fantasy

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