- Poems By Chris Smith     -

A Best Friend    For That Special Someone
A Scar In My Heart    Love and Death
Bathing in Your Love    Love Declared
Beauty    The Philosophy of Love
Can't Live Without You    Love Remembered
Don't Be Afraid    Love Declared
Everytime I See You    Love Declared
Feelings I Shouldn't Try To Hide    Love Declared
For My Mother    Mothers Day Poems
Give Me Your Kiss    Love Declared
How could you    Love and Parting
I Can't Live Without You    Love Declared
I Can't Stand Being Without You    The Need to be Loved
I Can't Wait To See You Tonight    Entrapped by Love
I Love You So Much    Love Remembered
I Miss You    For That Special Someone
I Miss You - 2    Love Apart
I Miss You Dearly    Love Apart
I Need You    Love Declared
I Tried    Love Withdrawn
I Tried    Love Past
I Would Do Anything For You    About a Loved One
If Only You Were Mine    Abiding Love
I'll Be The One For You    For That Special Someone
I'll Never Give Up    The Power of Love

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