- Poems By FaNaSy PaRa SiEmPrE     -

Broken Hearted    The Pains of Love
Do You Feel The Same??    Love Fantasy
Do You Know??    Love Fantasy
Good-Bye    Love and Parting
Good-bye    Suicide
I CLOSE MY EYES    Love Fantasy
I've Lived    Suicide
Just To Know    Love and Betrayal
LIFE IS CRUEL    The Pains of Love
MaKe Up YoUr MiNd    Love and Parting
Mixed Thoughts    The Pains of Love
OnLy WiShInG*~    Love Fantasy
PAY BACK    Love and Betrayal
Stop Thinking    Suicide
sUiCiDe LeTtEr    Suicide
TE LO VOY A DECIR    About a Loved One
tHe EvErLaSTiNg StArE    Love Fantasy
UNTITLED...    Love and Parting
What I Feel    The Pains of Love
WHAT WILL WE BE??    The Pains of Love
YOU'RE BAD    Love Between Friends
You're Gone    Suicide

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