- Poems By Avery Robertson     -

A Flicker In The Dark    About a Loved One
A Heart For My Valentine    Valentine's Day Poems
A Song To Dance To    Love Described
All of it For You    The Pains of Love
All That Glitters    Love Withdrawn
Always and All Ways    The Power of Love
ALWAYS MINE    The Power of Love
AM I ?    Love and Doubt
And So It Turns    Love and Betrayal
And Then There Was You    The Power of Love
And When I Go    Love and Parting
ANGEL AND DEVIL    Entangled in Love
Another Good-Bye    The Philosophy of Love
Arrow of Desire    The Power of Love
BEFORE YOU    New Love
Behind My Looking Glass    Love and Betrayal
BEWARE    The Pains of Love
Beware The Woman    Entangled in Love
BITTER RAGE    Love and Betrayal
Bitterness    Love and Hate
Bitter-Sweet    Love Past
Bleeding Too Much For You    The Pains of Love
Blind By Choice    The Pains of Love
BORN AT LAST    Love Described
BROKEN    Unrequited Love

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