- Poems By David Fronius     -

A glance at love    New Love
a light in the dark    Love Apart
A place for love    Love Described
a rose is my Amy    Love Described
A Statue's Perspective    Love Fantasy
Angel of Maine    Love Remembered
Angel of Maine    Love Described
another day    The Pains of Love
breath of life    The Power of Love
broken circle    Love and Parting
circle broken    Love and Parting
comfort food    Love Rekindled
comparing flowers    Love Described
day and night    Love Described
dreaming    Love Fantasy
dreams    Love Fantasy
earthbound no longer    The Power of Love
engulfed    Love Described
entering and exiting    Love Fantasy
fallen rain    The Pains of Love
First Feeling of Love    New Love
happy am I to see my love    About a Loved One
hopes and prayers    Abiding Love
how I know    The Philosophy of Love
I found my love    Love Fantasy

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