- Poems By Little Debbie     -

A BrOkEn HeArT    The Pains of Love
Best Friends    Love Between Friends
How Could You?    The Pains of Love
I Can't Believe...    Love Declared
I LoVe YoU    Love Declared
I Never Thought    Love Declared
I'm Sorry    Love and Forgiveness
My Heart    Love Declared
Open Up Your Heart...    For That Special Someone
The Fear of Love    Love and Fear
The Fear of Love...    Love and Fear
Thoughts of You    For That Special Someone
Trust and Love    Love and Forgiveness
What is Love???    Love Described
Why Do You Love Me???    For That Special Someone
Why Doesn't He Want Me???    The Pains of Love
Why?    Love Declared
Why???    The Pains of Love
You Can Have Anything...    Love Between Friends

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