- Poems By Michael David Coffey     -

A Blue Evening    For That Special Someone
A Forbidden Rose    Love Described
A Fragile Rose    Love Described
A Kiss    Love Fantasy
A Love Affair    Love and Parting
A Lover's Dream    The Power of Love
A Lovers Duet    Love Described
A Loving Whisper    For That Special Someone
A red rose for you    For That Special Someone
A Simple Rose    For That Special Someone
A Stolen Moment    Love Remembered
A White Rose    New Love
About Love    For That Special Someone
Always my Love    Love Declared
Amber Tones    Love Described
An Analysis of Love    Love Described
And I kissed you . . .    Love Described
And love is like this    Love Described
And love was there    Love Described
And smile...    For That Special Someone
Angels    Love Rekindled
Anticipating    Love Apart
Apocalyptic Love    Love Declared
Being in Love    Love Described
Blue    The Pains of Love

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