- Poems By Anonymous     -

A Silent Love    Unrequited Love
All the pain ur putting me through    The Pains of Love
Another Day    The Pains of Love
Blessed    Love Between Friends
Could we, Should we?    Secret Love
Crying for love    The Pains of Love
Don't Love Me    The Need to be Loved
Everything    Entrapped by Love
Friends Again    Love Between Friends
Friends Forever, Friends Till The End    Love Between Friends
Goodbye    Love and Parting
I don't see much of you    The Pains of Love
I Have Played The Game    For That Special Someone
i love you    Love Displayed
I love you    Entrapped by Love
I sing    Future Love
I Still Remember    Love Past
I thought you knew    For That Special Someone
i wish    Love Fantasy
If only he knew    Fathers Day Poems
If You Only...    Future Love
Imagine    Love Fantasy
IT HURTS    Suicide
LIFE    Suicide
Life is empty    The Pains of Love

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