My Desire

By: Branden Douglas Combs

You two were perfect together,
Or so everyone thought.
But the pain on the inside,
You had not sought.

He broke your heart,
Just as the others did.
You could not understand,
Was your heart up for bid?

But as I sat there with you,
On that one hopeful night.
You told me all of your secrets,
How the pain was such a fight.

I listened intently,
For I really cared.
I said that someday you'd find someone,
Who with your love you'll want to share.

And as we walked together in the night,
I glanced up to see a star.
One lonely star, meant for us,
Yet our love seemed so far.

I consider you a best friend,
But I desire more.
We could love each other.
Happiness... forevermore.

I know your pain.
Because I've been there too.
But look to me, As I look to you,
And know that for you, anything I'd do.

Open up your heart,
Listen to my cries.
You are my destiny,
My lovely alibi.

Those eyes so mesmerizing,
Your hair so soft.
The touch of your hand,
I wish it could never stop.

You speak so kind,
to someone such as I.
I want to give you my heart,
With you, I want to fly.

The two of us together,
Is all we'll ever need.
Sharing this awesome love,
Planting the forever seed.

I love you for all that you are,
And love you for all, that you aren't.
An awesome girl, and angel in disguise... the one for me.

But how do I tell you?
Will you ever know?
This love could be perfect,
More perfect than you know.

I know you don't feel the same,
I can sense it in your actions.
You only see a friendship,
Happiness only, in fractions.

But I can give you true love,
All of your heart's desires.
The pain of yesterday you'll feel no more,
Our love will be a burning fire.

But I fear to try,
And I fear to ask.
For my painful past comes back,
I can't remove the mask.

I can't reveal my love,
For I treasure our friendship so.
As for now, I'll be your friend,
And not let my hidden love show.

But I hope, with all my power,
That someday you'll understand.
My unknown love for you,
Is guided by our God's Hand.