I hate you

By: Jessica Lynn Tibbott

If I have to say it everyday, I will!
To convince myself I no longer love you.
Still, I cannot forget...
The evil of your spoken words.

I hate you for all you are!
I hate you for ripping my heart apart!
I hate you for all your spoken lies!
I hate you for not wanting 'us' to be!

The pains of the past are where you shall stay.
A blocked memory, you'll be.
I convince myself, no longer that I love you still.
It brings to much misery.

I hate you for not caring,
I hate you for pushing me away,
I hate you for wasting a year of my life,
I hate you!

I let you into my life.
I told you things I'd tell no one else.
I trusted you,
I believed you,
Worst of all... I loved you!

NO longer shall you have my heart,
I don't cry out for you at night anymore.
You deceived me,
You betrayed me...
And everything I stand for.

All I can do is hate you now.
That's the only way I won't love you.
If I have to say it everyday I will!
but so far
...it's not working.