By: Chelse Elliot

Finally, there you were
across the train platform
Your blue eyes smiling into mine
Two lives evolving
for an eternity
As if in a dream
closer and closer
Our secret souls journeyed
In the labyrinth of time
Cold concrete and white tile
Blossomed into
orchards of orchids
Your soul reached out
and caressed my lavender hair
I felt gentled and tugged
by an ancient remembrance
Two pieces of a puzzle
Missing, then-
Interlaced in a hug
I inhaled papaya and peace
I awoke in a bed of brass
And there you were
Golden sheets sliding
across our silken breasts
Your blue eyes smiling into mine
Watching rose petals floating in
crystal bowls
Red velvet boats
And melted candles glowing
in the dawning light
Shadows loomed outside our door
Pounding and calling our names
You drank my tears
And I stroked your face
The black vapor of paralyzing fear
Amalgamated into anger
Eyes smiling
You threw open the bolted door
And invited trouble in
Naked and proud
We supped with the devil
and fattened him with bitter ambrosia
We trussed his paws with
webs of flowers
flowing from our fingertips
Alone and adrift in our entanglements
We nearly lost each other
in the embryonic seas of our lives
And then you were there
In an orchard of orchids
Under the canopy of heaven
Your blue eyes smiling into mine
I lay my head against your
heart beating eternally
In rhythm with the cadence of time
And you stroked my lavender hair