By: Carla Marie Adair

My heart is like a river,
that runs so very deep.
In this river, in my heart,
there floats a secret love,
A love I cannot keep.

This love is for a short time,
to this I can abide,
but what I feel so deep inside
I surely cannot hide.

I want to hold you so bad,
within my loving arms;
I want to give my whole self up
to you and all your charms.

How do I fight these feelings
I have so deep for you
when all I want inside my heart
is to only be loving you.

I will adhere to your wishes,
I will not hound or fight
but when I go within myself
I will think of you day and night.

This love we have is forbidden,
we both belong to others
but until the day we have to part
we will forever be starcrossed lovers.

I give this passionate kiss to you,
this is yours to reap,
until the day when the time is right-
that you and I finally meet.

Until that day is upon us,
this secret we must keep,
this love I have within my heart
forever will be sweet...