The sweet sound of the morning birds as they chirp
Reminds me of mornings
The cold breeze on my hands
The warmth
The embrace
My mind wakes, my body stalls
A new chance for more, for less, for the same

The conversation I had with you yesterday
Takes me back to the time
You held your tongue
You laughed
You laid back
My mouth speaks, my heart silent
A little luck for me, for you, for us

The words you kept saying to me before
Makes me smile inside
It showed me you
It glowed
It shone
My eyes see, my ears hear
A good fortune for him, for her, for them

The talk I shared with you last night
Guides me to your heart
I let you in
I cried
I spoke
My hands write, my heart aches
A fresh encounter for privacy, for publicity, for both