You Are My Air

By: Eurlantae

You are my air; the fragrance, the very essence of my being.
You dazzle like a prismatic winter’s scene, dancing with sunlight.
You are the brilliance pervading my otherwise dull existence;
Bringing beauty and style, music and a love of being…

You are like a treasured painting, like an amethyst set in a golden broach;
Admired in the recess of my most quiet needs,
Yet, eagerly to be shared with the admiring crowd you so facilely attract.
You are the absolute music of my soul whose tones and overtones
Resonate deep within me…

You are a sweet spring in a hidden grove of mulberry and pomegranate.
You nourish my soul, for you are of moon showers and of dew covered irises
In a garden of love fashioned by a tender word, a careless glance.
Then, softly like a violet blooming or quickly like a darting humming bird,
You bring change to my life…

And, yet, you are a mystery of mysteries to me.
That you should choose me is beyond my comprehension, beyond all logic.
I love you deeply and I hope my love is what you desire and need
As much as I crave and need your loving glance, your loving touch.