we'd still be friends

By: blessing flossie

Summer sun, something begins,
Summer heat don't mean a thing
But I found a precious gem,
On the seashore's scorching heat.

He just ran around, in and out,
Little did I know,
That we'd turn around,
To get so close and be bonded,

Days went by, talking less,
Meeting often, yes we did,
But it didn't end there,
He got friendly, holding my hand,

If you're lost and can't see a thing,
Then hold my hand and I'll be there.
You're alone, scared or stuck?
There's a curve on his lips!

I missed a beat at that heat!
Was I wrong, or really did he?
"Yes," he smiled at this girl- me.
It turns colder, that's were it ends,

So, I told him we'd still be friends.