I Remember

By: Amanda Carol Boles

I remember...
the last time I saw your face.
the last time I felt your embrace.
the last words you spoke to me.
the day you wanted to be free.

I remember
the tears that came down my face.
my heart beating at a rapid pace.
you walking out the door.
me falling to the floor.

I remember
me holding a picture of you.
you saying, "I will make your dreams come true."
your sweet face and big blue eyes.
all the good and even all the lies.

I remember
the way you played with my heart.
"I love you's" from the start.
the days when you were mine.
how everything seemed fine.

I remember
how we planned our lives.
we were going to be husband and wife.
the day the storm rolled in.
asking where you had been.

I remember
the day it came to an end.
you calling me 'just a friend.'
our past life together.
now and forever...