Paint Me A Picture

By: Rachel D Fogle

Paint me a Picture of a love unrefined.
One that is simple with no complications inside.
Show me the way to become what it should be.
Give me the answers that I so simply seek.

Paint me a picture of love,
So simple & true,
Tell me how and what to do.

Allow me the chance to do it all right,
Allow me the freedom and allow my heart to fly.

Day upon day,
I reach for that love.
I see the whole big picture and all the colors of that love.

Still it seems distant, always out of reach.
The picture that once was so simple
Is now many colors and beyond reach.

Paint me that picture,
Paint me that sky.
Paint me that mountain.
Paint me way up high.

Put me in that picture,
Place him next to me,
Give us the brush and let us paint our future free.