Simply A Matter of Mind Over Matter

By: Kathy Lynn Cook

At times it would seem my heart and head aren't complete
Because it appears, at times, they want to compete.
One tells me this, the other says that...
Drives me almost crazy; that's a matter of fact.

My head's supposed to be the smart one; the heart, a soft-touch.
I never realized how confused I could be for so long and so much.
Days run into darkness; while nighttime smooths into light.
I'm the one running, with all of my might.

My head whispers loudly; my heart doesn't agree-
Confuses me, too. I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to be.
I'm trying to just live for each moment and not worry so much
Hoping that someday he'll be here for me, with his magical touch.

Beyond my imagination; into my wildest dreams
I delve a little deeper within my soul to listen, it seems.
Can't always depend upon one's heart to make a right choice
The head is too businesslike to help me deal with the boys.

Life can be so funny or, I'm sure God thinks so
He probably gets a laugh out of all I thought I did know.
Experience is what He's trying to give me
But, I'll be damned if I'll ever understand its totally.

Maybe it's not mine to question or to look into so deep
To just let nature take her course, even if it's too steep.
I'm the type that just wants to try and understand
What makes a woman so attracted to a man.

Love is something I've been there and done.
Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!
Now I'm treading much slower than before
Listening to my head; trying not to close the door.

I tried listening to my heart and it just didn't work for me
Looked at all I did wrong starting from "A" to "Z".
Many things I did were not right; but most were just fine
Maybe my mind and heart will someday connect... given some time.