Mr. Haze Eyes

By: Michelle Doirin

You ran through my mind like a summer breeze
and melted on me like an iceberg in summer.
Behind those hazel eyes- words are so sweet, yet, unspoken.
My heart is captive and dwells in your honey
As I sit here thinking of...

The first time I gazed into them my heart pounded,
The passions behind those hazel eyes dance in wonder,
Leaving me in vision to ponder.
Only you can bring such magic,
Only such a soul can bring such emotion to ponder.

Your hazel eyes reflect over the waves of the ocean
As the sunset hue so blossoms, so mud green and summer
Through your hazel eyes, destiny meets hope and I’m free...
When your Dazzling eyes gaze into my spirit, body and soul
I'm in a trance, I believe I might fall
But, yet, I don't want to leave...