By: Victoria Mewanu Nojang

Oh how can I hide
The feeling that seizes me?
Oh how can I conceal
The desires that spark,
The lightning that engulfs?

My heart’s in fury,
My principles becoming extinct.
This monstrous desire that overwhelms me:
Your kiss, a weapon of torture.
Oh how your tongue glides.
My lips burn in thirst,
Seeking as a bee for nectar.

“Be in control,” I say to myself.
“I won’t get nervous,” I say to myself.
Yet, at one touch my body trembles.
I am at a stance, oh your tickles,
How you make me blush and gleam.
Your icy glare devouring me;
This ecstasy, all too novel.

Within me lies a still fire,
Rekindled by your wicked kisses;
Set ablaze at a single stroke
Of your fingers down and deep
Into my closed temple
Opened up by a scoundrel.

Before you, I am powerless;
I cannot rebuff nor deny
The man who knows all too well
The arrogant masterpiece.

All pride and dignity gone,
Body and heart gone,
My nightmare, my fantasy!