Home of my heart

By: Ruth Newhouse

Heaven today is far away
Where is the place I once called home?
I feel lost inside, night and day
Home of my heart, forever gone?

An infinite ocean of sorrow and tears
Trying not to drown
Staying strong, though facing all my fears
The princess has lost her crown

My heart’s broken and torn
There is no shelter from the storm
Homeless and forlorn
But life goes on and on and on...

In the darkest hours of my life
I still see the light
The light that shines from within
So warm and bright

The light that guides me
Shines with faith, hope, and love
Prospect of a better future that can be
A heavenly sign, sent from above

And so I start to walk
Taking one step every day
I walk by faith on the road that'll lead me home
Trusting that God will show me the way

Home of my heart-
A place of love
A place of warmth
A place of trust
A place of blissfulness
A place of us

When I find you, I’ll be home...