Things I Would Have Said - Had She Listened

By: Keith Manning

Since we last spoke
When frost killed
The unseasonal full bloom rose,
No time has passed.
No seasons or months,
No weeks, days, hours, or seconds.
Just a tap dripping,
Ticking thoughts of you.

Without closure
Barbed-wire was dragged
Through my heart
Which still bleeds
The color of your hair.
And forgiveness seems surrender
When a warm live wren
Is blitzed in a blender.

If I could - I would
Edit myself in Photoshop.
Then failing that move my bloody mouse
To 'System Restore'
And click to a previous date.

Without words or reason
I shall remain where the dead leaves lie
Discarded by summer’s fruit.
And autumn’s misty eye,
Seeing the cruel bare wood
For the first time,
Will make all winters mute.
Perhaps, if you were to listen, just once,
There may be seconds between thoughts.
Then I can leave like the setting sun,
From a distance, whatever the season,
Without reflection or precondition,

Gladly to shine on you...