My Sweet & Only Valentine

By: Joal Percy Iturrizaga

I want to love you forever
So I ask God to allow me to have you
as the love of my life until the day I die.

Each second that goes by in our lives
without me being able to see
the paradise I see inside your beautiful eyes
Or to feel the peace, when I kiss your sensual lips,
and the warm embrace of your fragile body close to mine,
makes me feel as if I'm missing the universe
inside the paradise your soul provides to mine.

I often dream of you in that magical place
where we can conquer all our deepest desires,
where I'm able to kiss you all the time
and where I can make love to you in peace,
feeling your sweet love pouring over me,
giving me the happiness and peace I so much desire
healing all my illnesses, taking my pains and fears away.

You mean the world to me and my objective is
to live within your heart as you live within mine.

Crying together through our pains,
laughing together through out triumphs,
being able to listen to each other
even in our moments of silence....

Helping each other through our necessities,
and loving each other through our lives,
Because your True Love is My Paradise
And you are my sweet & only Valentine...