You do exist!!

By: Mel Christina Di Natale

I try so hard but I don't let you see,
I don't want to be like that, but, hey, that's me.
I care about things that don't even cross your mind,
I search for solutions that I can't find.

BUT... Years have passed !! AND...

From the first moment I saw you to the moment we kissed,
There has been no other man who exists.
When I see you I'm no longer sad, you make my pain disappear,
And the world for once becomes so clear.

YOU... Are the man I was meant to... FIND

I close my eyes every night and see your face,
I am comforted every morning by your warm embrace.
My loss of love was transformed and instantly quenched,
My soul, once so dry, has forever been drenched.

4EVA... Is all I need ...