Love Never Lost

By: Daphne Pamela Mascreen

Never knew who you are
And where you came from
A flash of destiny
A thought that you were born for me
Are you my Adam?
And am I your missing rib?
I wasn’t vague with what I felt
It was you who made my heart melt.

Every time you smiled you swept me off my feet
Honey, there could be no one else who’s as sweet.
I could smell your perfume, sense your touch
I could feel you right beside
Even if it all had to be a dream.
Life is so beautiful! To me it seems.
The day I spoke to you,
Oh, my joy knew no bound
I was flying off ground.

I don’t think there has ever been a night
The night I went to bed
Thinking of all you had said.
I felt so happy and so complete
I waited desperately for dawn so we’d meet.
But soon you left to a distant land
I was sad, and wondered when I’d ever hold your hand.

The times you made me wait to hear from you
My anxiety only grew
When you finally wrote
I felt a lump in my throat
You tore my heart into a million pieces
Wounded it beyond repair
Darling! That was too much for me to bear.

You said you never wanted to hear from me
Guess what? In my heart you’ll always be
If you didn’t know,
I still love you and I will always do so
No matter what people say
In my heart you’ll forever stay.