By: Vicky Lambie

Memories, that we will share
are now going to be few
and what time we have left now is borrowed, too.

Under my skin you will always be
In my heart and soul,
the deepest parts of me.

I only wish you could stay.
But that's a choice we do not have.
That is life... but it is hard.

Mere words really aren't enough,
i never find any good enough
To explain what you mean to me,
or how missed you will be.

I wish i could just freeze time,
just to keep your life in mine.

That is why i cannot cry,
and am sorry that sometimes i walk away.
It hurts to much at times to try and stay.

And I'm sorry you can't always depend on me,
my love i only pray you see.
I wish i could take away your pain or promise you,
you'll be here tomorrow again. they're all the things i cannot do.

i feel so useless to you.
Just know this... I LOVE YOU.