Won’t you be my yardstick?
So I can always discern where I don’t measure up.
Won’t you be my mirror?
So my reflection can show the laughable blemish all over.
Won’t you be a rock solid step?
So my hope can perch amidst turbulent storms
Destined to shatter the fondest of my dreams.

How about an affectionate friend?
So I can rest my trust, my joy,
My grief, my woes, my bitterness too.
Won’t you be a keen ear?
To heed my unending anguish and sorrowful tales
Yet allay my fears that folks shall hear of the abyss I languish.

Won’t you be a living spring?
So your life-giving waters can drench my desert soul
And refresh the supple lilies of love,
Striving to stand the brazen scorch of the brutal sun.
Won’t you be an intimate one?
Always there to wipe my tears away.
Won’t you light my night with your
heady-scented ever-burning candle?
Won’t you?