Captain, my Captain

By: Dee Stark

I see you sailing on a stormy sea
Wind-blown, strong and calm,
Steering into each wave
Chin lifted to meet each new challenge.

Come to me, my captain
I offer you shelter from the storm.
Rest here in my sheltered cove
Breathe deep the still calm.

From my salty depths
Waters still, waters deep
Rock gently in my arms
Let me lull you for just this little while.

I know you must be on your way
When the day breaks.
But for now, for this night
Breathe in, breathe with me.

The rhythm of my waves
Sing of life and love
Ride upon my tide
Call to me, I am here.

So used are you
To sailing this sea alone
King Neptune, Lord Poseidon,
Captain, My Captain.

Here now in this sheltered cove
For these moments few
You are not alone on the sea
You have me and you are mine.