Living In between

By: Avery Robertson

Night begins its journey
as it falls in blue shades of velvet
that cover me in dreaded omens
which arise in the dusky sadness.
See into that sliver of light
that stands before my weeping,
turning my breath into ice
against the glass of love.

Love fades with the day,
farewell follows in ashes,
the sound of your voice drifts
off my heart, burning red.
Sleep reaches out to my sighs,
never to capture the shape
of my darkness living within,
loss is the only things I embrace.

Broken, like silvered glass,
moments pass on the wings of dreams,
and here we stand, back to back,
a rift of smooth indifference
trapping the color of my life.
Alive, somewhere in between
the twilight and your last step, I live,
and I know that in everything
that I love and hate in you,
realization becomes a mechanical thing,
but I am no longer alone with you.