By: Trudy Ann Harpster

In my dreams you are there holding me as tight as you can.
With you I am safe no one can hurt me no matter how hard they try.
With you, I am as happy as I can be,
with me you know you can be yourself because you can trust me.
I know I can be myself with you
and tell you anything that I’m thinking about
because I trust you so much.
Babycakes, I may not tell you how I feel about you
because I can't put it into words.
I’m sorry, but I do really care about you and want to be with you.
I don’t know if you feel the same
but I love you alot baby, and I’m never letting you go.
No matter what goes on with us I want to be here for you,
I want to be your best friend for life, baby.
If we get together, we get together,
if we don’t I still want to be here for you.
You’re my baby and I’m never letting go of you
no matter how hard you try
you're stuck with me,
(not really if you want me to go away, I will.)
I’ll do anything for you to make you happy
to see the smile on your face makes me want to smile all the time.
To hear your voice on the phone makes me smile
and not want to talk but just sit there
and listen to you talk about anything and everything.
Just maybe someday my dreams will come true
and you will be holding me tight at night.
Till that day comes I’ll be here for you,
my baby, forever and always.
This is to my babycakes who I love so much
and never want to lose.
I love you babycakes forever and always.

Love always, Trudy