By: Oche Onojo Ocheme

Oh! Of what beauty amidst maiden
Thou ravishing daughter of my King
Blessed is the womb that begat thee
Such a radiant epitome of beauty

Thou art a garden enclosed
A fountain sealed,
A spring shut up.

Thy appearance sends to our heart
Genial messages of love.
Like fragrance from an orchard of pomegranates
With pleasant fruits: cinnamon and calamus.

Speak tenderly
For thy voice pull strings of mystical lullaby
O! this damsel, thou art a gift of heaven
Thy tears a healing balm to our land
Thy rendered tune is like the congregation of seraphim's

O! daughter of my King
A maiden undeflowered
Lily of our land
Fertility of our soil

Spirit of the dove shall forever encompass thee
And the prayers of our people shall
For ever be incense of chief spices
Burning daily at thy feet
Daughter of my King, pride of our land