When We Fight

By: Shaisha Naisha Granby

When we fight (Bestfriends Verse)

When we fight I see a light. When we fight I feel sad cause
I hate to fight. Fight the best friends in the world
When it's not worth it. We fight and we don't talk for days
And then when we do start talking the fighting starts all over.
When we fight I see a very bad delight.
A good friendship that we have is going down the drain.
Then next thing you know someone will be crying like rain.
When we fight I cry, When we fight I sit and ask myself why?
Why do we fight?
Dedicated to Kenya P, Shena S, Nashawn M, Rasheed A,
Nichole P. Maxine R, Jaenyesha B, and Kayan V. Jose V.

When we Fight ( Boyfriend Verse)

When we fight I go home and I cry.
Cry because I hate to fight the person
That I love so deep inside.
We fight constantly and I'm tired of it.
Yeah, I always say it's your fault but I know at times
It's mine as well. I sit here and I wonder.
Then I see a life. A life of LOVE, PROBLEMS, and SOLUTIONS.
A life that was built for us.
When we fight I feel that I don't love you,
But when I'm alone I want to call you and say
" BABY I LOVE U" then you'll say " BABY I LOVE YOU TOO"

We fight and make up.
But I don't want our relationship to be about fighting.
When we fight I walk away into a very bright light.
A light that tells me to leave you alone.
But when I try to, a big heart comes out spelling
" J.O.S.E."
When we fight I have a very long night.
A night that I never want to end.
When we fight I laugh cause I know deep down
We will aways love each other for good reasons

Dedicated to Jose Vargas