My Princess

By: Christopher John Jehan

Two crystals glistening, oh, so bright,
They hypnotize, transfix, delight.
Kismet blessed, my search applied,
I dared to ask. You looked, Replied.

We wrote for hours as days went by.
Our fondness grew, we knew not why.
Love reached out where we could ne’er guess.
These feelings spread without duress.

Fate, through strange coincidences,
Drew us near, broke down the fences.
And when I saw your face at last,
My fate was sealed, my life steadfast.

With eyes to beguile and enchant,
To look away I simply can’t.
A pair of diamonds on a perfect ring
On a face of modest beauty cling.

The joy she brings trails sunlight in her wake,
That my heart dances after, no choices can I make.
I pray not to lose all, for now I so care,
For I’ll curse all the demons, the shadows of despair.

The hint of wonder ‘neath a veil concealed
Such demure smile, in awe I yield.
She holds my heart by a hanging thread.
Should it be spurned, oh darkest dread!

Unfaltering to a cause so just
Is her sense of righteousness.
But proved erred, I must confess,
Her humility to acquiesce.

To sense just how I feel when sad,
Then appease and change to make me glad.
A model of Serenity,
Awake, asleep, I yearn for thee.

My life has changed since meeting you,
With love unbridled begins anew,
As by your side I’ll always be,
From this day forth for eternity.

I’ll be your Knight, Princess, forever,
And make a home for us to live together.
I promise that I’ll hold you tight,
From dawn till dusk and through the night.

Time has passed so quick, it’s flown,
We know so well how love has grown.
To hesitate, to wait, to falter,
When hearts say yes by holy alter.

I‘ll never change just how I feel,
And before you now I solemnly kneel.
Please take my hand, as you have my heart,
And I promise, my darling, we’ll never part.