Stained Glass Heart

By: Brittany Marie Gibbons

*For Jared Trey.. Thank you for always being there*

A broken heart shattered like a million pieces of glass,
a lonely girl worried about letting go of her past.
She would try alone to put back together
the pieces of her shattered heart.
Everyday, hoping and praying for the strength
to make a fresh new start.
The more she tried to make it work
it seemed the deeper the glass cut,
and the more her heart would bleed.
Hoping that with all of the pain and blood,
soon she would be freed.
Dreams about true love and trust
had been sucked out of her life and of her soul.
An angelic girl once filled joy and happiness
now set on the table like an empty bowl.
Her prince had left her feeling worthless and torn,
so, she put up a wall;
All others would have to bear her first lovers thorn.
She used to ask how she could give her heart
to someone when it wasn’t even whole.
Who would love a girl who kept her feelings on parole?
He had been her soulmate, they would be together forever,
that’s what she believed.
Yet, just as he had left her, her heart, too, had been deceived.
Would she ever find true love again?
Absolutely, the question not an if, but more a when.
The day came and went before she even realized it was there.
She fell for him the minute
he ran his fingers thru the curls in her hair.
Hours and Hours spent on the phone
talking about things normally left forbidden.
They both unveiled the beautiful secrets they usually kept hidden.
She finds love and trust in his warm gentle embrace.
He gives her the courage and strength
to put a smile on her beautiful face.
They stand looking at stars and lights
shining bright in the clear city sky,
all the walls she put up come crumbling down,
the moment she looks into his eyes.
He is a man that molds creations with his hands,
An artist, she has seen that in him from the start.
In the end, she realizes it is not a shelf, a jar or a vase,
yet the way he mended together her broken heart,
that is his greatest work of art.
He has taken these shattered pieces from her past,
And created a living, breathing, place of color and joy rivaling
an award winning piece of stained glass.
Hanging alone in the window, it's the same as every other one,
that was until she realized all she needed
was for him to be her shining sun.
Together side by side everything in life seems so right.
She finds herself standing staring
at the marvelous art and beautiful light.
The breathtaking colors made by their love
have finally caught her glance,
she realizes that in him she really
has truly found her sacred second chance.