B3hind me

By: Trice Shay Trice

It’s funny cause I’ve always thought I’d love you.
But as of today that ain’t the case.
Of course me loving you for so long was not a mistake,
but I don’t want or need you for God’s sake!

I’m in a place in my life where I know I’m more than great.
I’m over all the nonsense of feeling bitterness and hate.
I know as long as you’re alive,you’re gonna keep
vanishing and comin back thinking I’ll always be by your side.

That action won’t be very wise.
It’s not even about all our games and lies.
It’s not about me going from laughter to cries
or about your sexiness and all that spent time.
Please believe me, I will get mine.

It’s about me finally growing up and wanting so much more.
There may be no knocking, but I know someone’s waiting at the door.
You used to be my inner heart’s core. I’m no longer spoken for.
Now I’m ready to move on.

No, not forget everything we had (which wasn’t much),
but just do an action as such;
walk away with a heart beating normally and still intact.
Without me there, I know you won’t know how to act.
I’m walking away with a real smile,
and an inner peace that everything’ll be ok.

I’ve started a new journey.
And because of this you say, “I’m insane,”
but I’m leaving you where you remain...
Behind Me.