This Forsaken Letter

By: Christian Hadap Dolor

If I had a wish bestowed upon me,
a feeble wish for there are limitations,
I would wish to be a letter, this very letter,
so that I might feel your every touch, your every move,
your every gentle caress.

My eyes would be these letters, these poetic letters,
so for every second that your eyes gazed upon my eyes,
I would see endlessly, for I would be lost within you.

If my soul were these sentences, these powerful sentences,
I would flow within you, slaying any demons I might come upon;
shine everlasting light on any perpetual darkness
until I reach the inner you... the beautiful you.

But, painfully, I would reach the limitations of my wish,
for I could not taste the the nectar of your lips,
nor inhale the sweetness of your flesh
from a heartbeat's distance.